The apartment "Gaia" (about 200 m2 / 2152 sq. ft.) lays on the first floor and has a private entrance.
A large stone staircase goes from the arcade to the upper floor leading to a wide portico, furnished with sofas, which is at the guests' disposal as reading area or as an open-air dining room, with a view on the natural meadow and on the age-old oaks and holm-oaks.
Here there are two entrances to the apartment. The front entrance opens directly on a wide living room where you can find a large mantelpiece with two chestnut-wood benches inside, a table in the centre of the room, two sofas, a small cooking area, a wide ancient travertine sink, some pieces of forniture, satellite TV.
On the left side of the room there's the entrance to a gangway that leads to three pleasantly furnished double bedrooms, all of which have a private toilet, while from the right side of the central room a gangway goes to the other two double bedrooms, which have both a private toilet, and to the kitchen with cooking area and dining room. The door in the kitchen leads again to the portico.
During low season it is possible to divide the apartment into two parts: "Gaia I" (composed of the living room with mantelpiece, cooking area and three double bedrooms with private toilet) and "Gaia II" (composed of the dining room, cooking area, two double bedrooms with private toilet), that will share the outside portico.